Who you gonna call?

I just don’t understand why it’s ever an issue anymore. I’ve promoted both Bridesmaids and The Heat and myself and my cast are still hit constantly with the question, “will this answer the question of whether women can be funny?” I really cannot believe we’re still having this conversation. Some people accused it of kind of being a gimmick and it’s like, it would be a gimmick if I wasn’t somebody whose brain doesn’t automatically go to like, I want to just do more stuff with women. I just find funny women so great. For me it’s just more of a no-brainer

Paul Feig, producer of Bridesmaids and general all round cool guy, has announced that he will be directing a reboot of Ghostbusters – with all female ensemble cast and comedian Katie Dippold taking the helm as the writer. What does this mean? It means that women should no longer be asked the whether they can be “as funny as men,” it means that talent is overcoming misogynistic convention, and it means that hopefully this is a step towards having more POC and WOC represented, as well as more of the LGBTIQ community, and other minorities.


5 thoughts on “Who you gonna call?

  1. While I DO love me some Paul Feig and this quote, and while I DO identify as a feminist, I really, really, really don’t want an all-female Ghostbusters movie to be created. To be clear, I also don’t want a new all-male Ghostbusters movie to be created. I just love the originals with the original cast, and I’d rather Hollywood create new scripts and new plots with incredible writing than try to benefit from past obsessions (ie. me and everyone else when it comes to Bill Murray and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man).

    That being said, I do understand what Feig (and YOU) are saying, and it is absolutely spot-on. Thank you for the post/reminder! Looking forward to your future work!


  2. It’s ridiculous that they’d ask if women can be funnier than men and I doubt people would think it was just a gimmick if they announced an all male cast, just another example of double standards.


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