okay people need a girl that meets this criteria
– at least 175cm tall
– is smart (med, law, comm, eng NOT arts); WAM > 70
– preferably 1st or 2nd year around ~19 years old
– fairly attractive like maybe at least a 6/10

The university I attend is huge, and sprawling and constantly filled with students coming and going from classes, walking in groups, blocking the hallways, laughing in the sunshine, drinking coffee and studying in the library. University data states that there are over 50,000 students from over 120 different countries that attend UNSW. Our engineering programs boast a “higher than average” female population. I see women in my classes speaking their mind, discussing, arguing valid and intelligent points in lectures, not afraid to speak their mind. We have a flourishing and powerful Women’s Collective group. So we’re lucky, because we are live in a society in which female education is valued and encouraged and in which our educational facilities make us feel welcome and heard.

But, when I log on to university Facebook and see this posted online, I dont feel safe, valued or heard. I dont feel like my fellow students care about what I have to say as a woman, or even feel like women should have something to say. Instead, I feel like the misogyny that I experience on a daily basis by the looks, comments and treatment I receive are encouraged and accepted. The silver lining are the comments which men and women alike made on the post, calling out the post for its sexist and misogynistic views. The truth however, is that in a society which claims to treat its women with respect and equality, casual sexism occurs on a constant basis – what are we doing to stop it?


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